Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Chichester Festival Theatre - A Partner Theatre's Perspective of Connections

By Luna Russell

Chichester Festival Theatre has been a partner theatre in NT Connections for several years and one of the most exciting parts of the festival is seeing the work of young people being performed on a professional stage. The opportunity to work with a team of technical theatre professionals, bringing the best lighting and sound to their performance gives the companies a real boast and their performance rises to a new level.

More and more companies are encouraging their young people to get involved in the backstage areas too and our technical team welcome the opportunity to work with them, explaining how the equipment works and how to make their show look and sound fantastic, operating the lighting and sound boards and gaining tricks of the trade to take back to school or their youth theatre.

It’s great to see the support that the companies give to each other during their performance day at the theatre, they are all going through the same experience and can empathise with the rollercoaster of emotions from nerves to euphoria, wishing each other good luck and celebrating their successes together.

The most exciting days are when teachers and youth theatre leaders throw themselves into the learning experience too, happy to step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills gained from working with theatre professionals.  Their excitement to get back to the classroom with a new way of running a rehearsal and planning a successful production means that this isn’t just another project; it’s an opportunity for everyone to look at new ways of creating theatre.

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