Friday, 14 September 2012

Why the bad *!"£$%&% language?

Tom Harland, Connections Assistant Producer

Connections is massive. Like, properly big. In 2012 we had over 4000 young people taking part with over 800 adults helping make it possible. It's no wonder then that we have an impossible task of trying to please everyone.

Each year we commission ten writers to write ten brand new plays. Their brief is simple: write something for 13-19 year olds to perform. Now, when you stop to think about it, 13-19 is a huge age gap. So many things happen in that time for a young person, as I'm sure you can remember when you went through it. Not only that we have young people taking part everywhere from Dover to Inverness, Cornwall to Carlisle, Belfast to Norwich and Cork to Sunderland! It's our job to make sure that the writers we use create plays that cover this huge range of attitudes, ages, interests and experiences.

We know that companies are not going to like all ten of the plays and we know that actually in ten plays there might not be one that is completely perfect for you. There are millions of plays in the World and sometimes it's still hard to find one for your group of 37 girls and 2 boys that meet in a tent in the edge of beyond. What we do aim to do is create a variety. A variety that entertains, that has challenging issues, that is suitable for the younger end, the older end, the bigger groups and the smaller groups. It's also a variety that is intended to challenge.