Thursday, 4 April 2013

Connections through the eyes of company members

Hello, my name is Eliott, 17, from Gloucester College, and I am in the cast for 'The Mobile Phone Show' by Jim Cartwright, one of the ten plays commissioned for this years Connections. Being a part of Connections has been a fantastic opportunity for me and has really opened my eyes to how much we actually use our phones and what kind of impact they have on our lives.

I recently interviewed some of the members from the cast about what its been like to be a part of Connections and what its been like to work with such a tight group.

Amy Townsend, 19
I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to take part in Connections and perform 'Mobile Phone Show'. It's been an interesting/different experience but I have really enjoyed being part of it. The hard work is really paying off as we have managed to put on a brilliant show!

Spike Hart, 17
Connections has been a good challenge. Working with everyone to put on a unique show has been a great experience with ups and downs but the hard work is paying off. I am proud to be performing Mobile Phone show with such a great group :)

Olivia Hunt, 17
Connections is like any other play on the stage right now! It takes one object that we use everyday, and creates an array of scenes that happen in everyday life using that one object. I feel honoured to have been selected to be a part of this show as I feel I've grown not only as an actor, but it has made me look a lot deeper into materialistic objects we use in our day to day life. BRING ON THE SHOW!

The Mobile Phone Show will be performed at the Millennium Centre, Cardiff, on April 13th.

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