Saturday, 23 June 2012

It's the littlest things...

Andrea-Jane Morris, Young Journalist at Day 2 of Connections at the NT

Thursday 21st June, I was privileged enough to be able to watch two youth companies perform juxtaposing, yet-equally-brilliant pieces. Something you see when actors reherase is their take of a different person to themselves, the contrast between the interactions with each other during a scene as opposed to general conversation was quite fascinating.  

The actors and the chorus of 'Little Foot' acted like the stage was their comfort zone. The piece itself had an interesting concept of the change in individuals of ancient South Africa to young people in modern Johannesburg.  Also, watching over their vocal warm-up reminds you that their voices need to be thoroughly warmed up to protect them before to a performance. I tend to forget these things myself.

Their yawning exercise made you wonder whether they were actually yawning or not, (we'll never know). Nonetheless, their performance scared the audience, amused the audience and most importantly, told part of an important South African history, close to the writer, Craig Higginson.

Members of West Lancs College with Writer, Craig Higginson. Photo: Simon Annand
Equally, I got to speak to the cast of 'The Ritual' and was lucky enough to watch their last-minute rehersals. With the play being translated from Portugese to English, I wondered if anything was lost through this translation, and the cast told me, there wasn't really anything to be changed (phew!) Even so, the play received such a good response.

What I appreciated most from speaking to 'The Ritual' cast and their director, was Denny Smith's (director) comment on the fact that "young people are underestimated", but I think with opportunities such as the National Theatre Connections Festival, they can showcase their real talent at an exciting venue!

One thing I've taken away from this experience is, its the littlest things that make the production, that much better; the directors, the assistant directors, and of course the backstage crew! I've done nothing but grin as I write this because this whole festival is so exciting and the things that a put together are seriously awesome.

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