Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tales of a website worker...

Tom Harland, Connections Assistant Producer
In case you hadn't noticed we've refreshed our website. What do you think? It's taken a few meetings and plenty of time in front of a computer screen but we think it's looking great. Look here's a sneaky preview:

Connections Homepage

Since I started on Connections in January I've been tasked with looking at how we can use technology and the internet to make Connections even better than it already is.

Now I love the Internet. I mean, the guy who invented it is a genius for coming up with something that presents me with videos of animals playing the piano in a few simple clicks... But I wouldn't say I was an expert.

So I have had to learn things fast. This blog is the first is a series of new developments we're working on to make Connections a truly nationwide festival. The Internet can make it easy for someone from Plymouth to feel like they're involved in the same project as someone from Inverness (my geography has also improved!), so we want to embrace this as much as we can.

In the 2013 cycle of Connections we're planning to launch a brand new community for companies to be part of. It's hoped this will allow directors to be able to discuss the successes and challenges they're facing, as well as provide an easy way to talk to Partner Theatres and Connections Directors. Sounds exciting doesn't it?

I'd love to know what features you'd like to see in a Connections Community site. Whether you're a Connections veteran or thinking about taking part for the first time what would you like us to include? Don't be afraid to make your ideas as ambitious as possible! Although I think Connections: The Online Adventure Game is probably a bit too far...

Why not leave me a comment below with your ideas? Hey, if you come up with something we make happen I might even name it after you*

Have an amazing week.

*Unless it already has a name, in which case you'll have to change yours to match.

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